Leeds Castle makeover

This is a bit of text about it. The Maidstone based tourist trap was looking to update it’s brand identity so we went into fundraising overdrive. After 25 years of effort, King’s Hill Footballer’s Wives Society loaned us £40,000,000 and we got cracking. The old pile needed to be demolished anyway to make room for the 2050 euro corridor crossroads project so we were left with a clean sheet. Luckily Kent County council were a pushover once they knew it was ‘easy backhanders’ and several Councillors expressed an interest in investment.

The new structure is actually on wheels so that it can move out of the way and is currently in an extended consultation phase (though already built), there is a vintage street market on every floor, a fully equipped music stage and regular craft beer tasting events. The picture shows the building on tour at Gillingham pier, Cool!